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Exploring Laravel and Inertia

/ 2 min read

It’s always fascinating to try out new technology stacks that promise an amazing DX for building applications.

Balancing a full time job and family life makes it challenging to find time to explore the promising features of new technologies fully.

However, a recent video on youtube video by Andrew about building a pizza tracker using Laravel and Inertia resonated with me instantly. So couldn’t wait to try it out as soon as possible.

I am well-acquainted with Laravel on its priniciples of convention over choice, having used since version 5.0 and often work on side projects involving it. Currently focusing more on frontend development, I still feel at home using Laravel for backend programming as well.

After installing a new Laravel project locally, exploring how Inertia fits in, and Laravel’s capibility of letting you chosse what you want such as Authentication, TypeScript support, ReactJS or VueJS integration with TailwindCSS during installation, I’m excited about this marriage of Laravel with Inertia. Here is the repository link for your reference: repo.

The best part there is no need to setup apis. everything comes inside one repo routing is handled by laravel, request and response are handled by Inertia letting you focus more on end user.

For my project, I aim to explore areas

  • End to end typesafety
  • Form submission
  • File upload

Using Inertia. Once I gain a comfortable understanding of the framework’s dynamics, I plan to leverage it for more complex projects.

I will provide updates in the future on how my experiences stack hold and keep updating above repo for the same, if you interested make sure you follow it.