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Why is it not happening for me

/ 2 min read

Are you that person despite have done everything to achieve a desired outcome still our far out to get it. I used to ponder on it too much to impact my mental health significantly, profound thinkers often say you become what you think of yourself, this kind of mindset is dangerous to say the least to do anything in life. Immediate effect of it, you stop trying.

Have already lost battle cause of past experiences is a missed opportunity cost. You feel lost, tired, and talk down to yourself why am I doing it in the first place, but whats the downside of not trying it again either. Maybe it works this time, provided fundamentally it does make sense to your goals and ambitions. Will not be sharing any magical thought process I encountered to make the odds in your favour and make it work for you but rather mindset shift to stop having negative thoughts about it.

Look at the things you want to do and categorize in two buckets.

  1. Creatively High
  2. Efficient In Processes

After repeated attempts to work on it you already might have figured out which things goes in which category. Take yourself out of the equation and try to maximise your thoughts as if you are giving advice to a thrid person and keep on making improvements in both categories on which areas can be worked upon.

This will eventually help you cross the bridge or atleast keep you in the game of not loosing your mind over it, luck will too eventually play out in favour of you. Take it as a game, you level up each time you attempt to do something impossible.

Take learnings from previous tries, apply it, refine it, apply it again. So next time you feel like this Why is it not happening for me, try to distill your thoughts and work on it.